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Day 20: Cardio and Strength Training, Jumps, Sprints & Skates!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Cardio and strength training combined at a faster pace for both total body toning and cardio cleansing. You’ve made it, day 20 in our 30 day program! Similar to last week’s jumpboard class, have fun with the challenges in today’s workout. We mix it up a lot between pure cardio and strength training, vertical lifts as well as horizontal, all planes basically. Lots of props to play with today to increase the challenge and toning, as well as the cardio work. You’ll get lots of core in today’s workout as well.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, foam roller (or a medium size soft ball or a towel, use what you have), 1 set of heavier hand weights, 1 set of lighter weights, and a booty band. No jumpboard is used today although we will certainly be jumping.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. These classes are created for you to be able to modify as you need and adapt the workout to your needs. Suggestions are made for modifications and when they are not made, if you need to tone it down, listen to your body, push things out or step them out instead of jumping, for example. Use a lighter spring, or level up if you need more challenge. Push yourself and you will see change in your body, and above all HAVE FUN!

The Course of this Class :   

We start with 2 short sets of 2 exercises each, all standing. Then, bring it down to the carriage for jumps on the footbar. Up for plank and core work then back down again onto your back. Flying lunges with push ups added as seen earlier in this program, see how you have improved. Side jumps and hand jumps are included too. Nothing is missed. Have fun and use your props to the max to squeeze out all the toning you can as well as boost that metabolism!

Drop me a note below to let me know how you liked class!👇🏼

You had a complete class today, hydrate well, fuel up well and rest till tomorrow’s workout. Your rest and down time in between each workout is super important! Bravo, see you tomorrow.

Goals :     

Combine cardio and strength training at a quicker pace and with props to challenge total body strength, stamina and endurance. Burn fat and calories. Boost metabolism. Improve and increase overall fitness level. Improve blood and oxygen circulation. Riding of toxins, cleansing and renewing. Toning. Increasing energy levels. See strength and stamina progressions in day 20. Alternate daily focus in workouts for a full body program at the end of each week and in all 30 days. See and feel progressions. Reach your goals.

Next up : 

Full body.

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