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Cardio Bounce it!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Trampoline (We use a special trampoline which absorbs 95% of the shock, think about investing in a trampoline which provides this unique benefit to the body). You’ll also need a tennis ball or any sort of soft ball that you can roll beneath your feet. (The MELT ball kit is great to have on hand for this.) This is for a small portion at the very beginning of class but really important before jumping as it hydrates our fascia, wakes up our whole system and breaks up any regions holding tension in the feet so they are prepped to jump.

Focus :    Cardio bounce, core stability, postural realignment, coordination via choreography, breath and FUN!

Class Level :     ALL levels. You can totally modify and adjust speed for your tempo, focus and level today.

The Course of this Class :     We always start our bounce days by rolling out our feet first to warm them up. Then, we’ll sit on the trampoline mat and work our abs to warm them up to support our spine as we jump. Our cardio bounce today entirely follow a “cardiolates” workout where we respect our vertical standing alignment and reap the benefits toe-head of cellular cleansing, lymph flushing, circulatory boosting, cardio, and posture improving work.

Goals :     Increase and challenge our cardiovascular strength and stamina. Improve blood, lymph and oxygen flow in the body, including benefit from cellular cleansing. Build lean muscle tone & burn fat. HAVE FUN!

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