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Day 15: Cardio Circuit Training at the Sea 🏖

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Cardio circuit training is our focus today in our 30 day strength training program for fat loss and lean muscle gain. You’ll have 9 exercises and 3 rounds. Our goal today is to do them as quickly as possible! You should be feeling stronger and noticing more stamina throughout each exercise and our workouts by now, so we are going to push ourselves further by going at a quicker pace and giving ourselves less rest time in between each exercise and round.

We have some toning for sure in our work today, but we’ll be heaviest on the cardio and fat-burning side of things as this is our first workout not incorporating weights. That said we will throw on the booty band which is fabulously effective for that deep toning work around those legs and thighs and glutes. The other thing you can expect to work directly today are those abs! Yes, we’ll be working that core strength!

We want to raise our heart rate today to the fat-burning or cardio zone, all depending on your goals, and keep it sustained in that zone throughout all of class. This is full body!

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, a jump rope (no worries if you don’t have one, just throw down your towel or water bottle and jump over that. P.s. that might sound silly, but it ensures we get our feet of the ground as the brain acts differently when it knows it has to jump over something!). And last but not least, your booty band.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. Want to level up? Add reps and go even quicker today! Want to tone it down? Step things out instead of hopping them out and slow down the pace. Maybe you do a little less reps, just focus on your form and keep moving!

The Course of this Class :   

Like I said above, you’ll have 9 exercises and 3 rounds in this cardio circuit training workout. As we are not using dumbbells in today’s workout our exercises are such that it would be difficult to add them in. You have things like plank jacks, high knees, stomach 5 series and jumping jacks. This remains low-impact and remember if you have any concerns regarding jumping, all these exercises can be stepped out! If you have a heart rate monitor, strap that on to make sure you are in the zone you want for the results you want. Maintain your heart rate within that zone as well and try not to let it dip below. Challenge yourself.

Drop me a note in comments below after class and let me know if you felt challenged, was it easy? Do you feel a change in your stamina?👇🏼

Class was quick but intense today. If you are rearing to go for another round, do it! That’s awesome. I’ve given you other cardio suggestions as well below and remember to not overdo but save some energy for tomorrow’s workout! Hydrate, fuel well, and get some rest in between, see you tomorrow!

Goals :     

Cardio endurance and stamina, and strength. Toning. Core strength. Testing out our actual progressions since we have begun this 30 day program, seeing where we are at with a quicker pace class today. Fat burning. Calorie burn. Alternate our daily workouts for a full body program at each week’s end. See actual results, feel the change. Increase fitness level, improve energy levels, improve ability and increase strength. Better tone, more definition.

Next up : 

Full body.

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