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Cardio Crush It “Reformer Every Day” FRIDAY

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer, the long box, a booty band, hand weights (3-5lbs or 1.5-3kgs suggested), and a small or medium stability ball.

Focus :    Cardio crush! Raise our heart rate using both simple plyometrics, classic fitness moves as well as the jumpboard, and free weight arm work which really gets the heart working. Welcome to Day 5 of our REFORMER EVERY DAY challenge, or Reformer “one-a-day” Monday through Friday weekly schedule.

Class Level :     ALL levels. If you find some exercises or variations too difficult, or too easy, adapt for your needs. This is YOUR time & your workout!

The Course of this Class :    We will be combining a lot of things today, from standing mat work, to more classical Reformer jumpboard repertoires. In all, we’ll keep the heart up while varying the workout from higher intensity cardio to lower intensity cardio. Get ready to have some fun and definitely break a sweat! You’ll leave this class with more energy than you came with, promise!

Goals :     Exercise our hearts & lungs. Get the blood pumping. Improve our fit level. Increase our circulation. Burn fat. Move fluidly and with strength, let’s cardio crush this workout together!

Move every day on the Reformer. Alternate focus to get a full body workout throughout the entire week. Train smart. Get stronger. Improve fitness level. Increase mind-body awareness and connectivity. Always improve muscle tone, balance & coordination. Oh and… have some fun 👍🏼!

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