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CARDIO IN 10 Sliding n’ Gliding Workout in no time!

Instructor: Abigail Larsen
Level: All Levels

Looking for a Warm-up? Try this first : MELT & Balance Warm-up with Abbey, (Pick up your MELT ball kit here)

*Equipment Needed :      A light-medium weight resistance band, and a small towel or slider for your feet.

Focus :    Cardio in 10 minutes, balance, lower body strength, balance and endurance.

Class Level :     ALL levels. FOR EVERYONE!

The Course of this Class :     This class is the first part of a workout later followed by the Reformer. Here I’ve taken it apart as it is also a fabulous stand alone cardio workout. If you are short on time, this is a crazy, effective workout. Get ready to lunge and curtsy, you’ll watch your alignment and balance and get heated up in no time!

Goals :      Pick up the heart beat, improve lower body strength, balance and endurance, and improve alignment while working.

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