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Cardio Jump, Lower Body, FLOW

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

Get ready to burn some calories, rev up your metabolism and get your jump on. This lower body strong, cardio jump session will get you moving in every plane. From standing to side lying and much more. And yes we will still flow, so join and move with me. Turn on your favorite tunes or listen to the silence as you tune into your core and move from center out. Shape that booty and improve your coordination and circulation. Make it to the end of class and then mark your workout complete!

This is FLOW! A new style of class which gives you a chance to practice along with me in my own movement time, all the while tuning into your body and your center. I won’t be talking or teaching, you will simply hear the 🌿outdoor sounds along with the machine and sometimes my breath. The exercises will be posted up in the video so keep watching to see what is next. Likewise you’ll have spring suggestions. Remember these are suggestions. Feel free to modify as you need. Learn what best suits your body and go with it. Put all you have learned in our teaching sessions to practice here, and drop us any questions that might arise during class below.

👇Drop us comments below. How did you enjoy class? Did you complete your workout?! Any questions? Encourage other Adventurers also!

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, jump board, small soft ball, and jump rope (you can jump in place with no rope if you don’t have one).

Class Level :     

Intermediate level shown. Some exercises may be more advanced. If you are a brand new beginner, I suggest starting with our Beginner program first and then our Classical Reformer program to familiarize yourself with certain basics. Then return and join us in this Flow. 👍

The Course of this Class :   

Just like our other jump classes this will be similar but without the teaching. Plan to move up and down quite a bit and you’ll get the chance to work unilaterally in addition to all your jumping. The rest awaits you to workout with me, so I’ll see you in class, now press play!

Class pace is moderate to quick. You’ll have a countdown to alert you to when a change is coming up so you don’t have to keep your eyes on the screen all the time.

Goals :     

Cardio workout. Burn calories, boost metabolism. Strengthen glutes and legs. Increase energy. Improve circulation. Weight management. Stronger overall. Improve fitness. Strengthen heart health. Balance imbalances using unilateral exercises.

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