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Cardio Sweat Workout on the Reformer, Live Replay

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Reformer & Spine Corrector. If you do not have a Spine Corrector, you can substitute the Baby Arc, a larger medium size stability ball, the Bosu ball, even the Foam Roller for some things and the Long Box. It won’t be exactly the same but my point is, you can still move with me! Don’t miss this fun, cardio sweat workout!

This is from our Cardio Reformer LIVE class replay for some fat-burning, heart pumping, total body sculpting fun! Don’t miss our LIVE classes weekly (not all load into the library!).

Get ready to jump not on the jumpboard but on the footbar! Challenge your precision, control, CORE & coordination. Work up a sweat while bringing it up to your feet for some plyometrics, lunges and functional fitness. Then get ready to plank away! You’ll leave class with newfound energy and having worked your whole body.

Focus :  Cardio, core, control & endurance! Using the Spine Corrector behind us while jumping we are focusing on our core connection and strength during our hang time. Legs, glutes, hips and upper body are also well covered during today’s workout.

Class Level :  Intermediate level taught but I encourage ALL levels to try this class and modify to bring it to your level! This is your time and your workout.

Goals :  Burn calories & improve our core fitness & total body endurance. Move effectively & with coordination. Work up a sweat and also tone the whole bod.

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