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Our Pilates Chair, Exo Chair, what it is & which one is best for you - Gone Adventuring

Our Pilates Chair

Our Pilates Chair is Balanced Body’s Exo Split-Pedal Chair. It is 24.5″ (62cm) high x 29.5″ (75cm) long x 23.5″ (60cm) wide. The seat is 23.5″ (60cm) wide x 16″ (41cm) narrow. It weighs 36 lbs (16.3kg) and so is the lightest of the Pilates chairs. Purchase our EXO SPLIT-PEDAL CHAIR here. We also have …

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Our Pilates Reformer, Balanced Body Studio Reformer, what it is & which one is for you - Gone Adventuring

Our Pilates Reformer

Our Pilates Reformer is Balanced Body’s Studio Reformer. It is the standard 14″ high (36cm) x 93″ long (236cm) x 26.5″ wide (69cm). It is built of one solid piece of Maple wood. Purchase our STUDIO REFORMER here. Customizable options & Accessories. There will be a world of options to consider when purchasing your Reformer. …

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Foam Roller by Gone Adventuring

Our Foam Roller

Our foam roller is 6″ in diameter x 36″ in length, a firm density with a grip texture. We recommend the same or medium density. Purchase our FOAM ROLLER here. When purchasing a roller it is important to consider the following factors : Choose a high-performance, closed-cell foam roller which will hold its round shape …

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Reformer Box

Our Reformer Box

Our Reformer Box, commonly referred to as Short box or Long box, goes with our Balanced Body Studio Reformer. If you do not have a Reformer but you are interested in getting a box on its own, below is some information to help you make your choice between the different styles available. Our standard sitting …

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Our Pilates Arc - Gone Adventuring

Our Pilates Arc

Our Spine Corrector, yes that is what I call it and knew it as, but apparently it is referred to as an arc and step barrel. So, in videos you’ll possible hear Spine Corrector but it is all referring to the following piece of equipment. Purchase our SPINE CORRECTOR/PILATES ARC here. When purchasing an arc, …

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Booty Bands

Our Booty Bands

There are tons out there, it’s never ending. I’ll tell you what guys, I haven’t yet found that band I really love. For now, I’ll give you here a simple set that will get you started and it’s all you really need. I’m testing cotton bands right now, so if I find something I think …

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Fit Ball

Our Fitball

Our Fitball, we have a few and they vary. The most important thing when choosing a fitball is choosing the size. 55 cm (22″) Fitball = You are 5’5″ (1.64m) tall or under. (This is the most common in gyms.) 65 cm (26″) Fitball = You are between 5’5″ and 6’1″ (1.85m) tall. 75 cm …

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Our Gliding Discs - Gone Adventuring

Our Gliding Discs

Our gliding discs are two different types. You’ll see us in the videos using something as simple as paper plates so you can go with that option and you don’t need to buy anything. But for best performance here are 2 types of gliding discs. Rolling discs with 4 wheels that are omni-directional (360° turning). …

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