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Kelly Snailum

Kelly Snailum Owner of Remedy Pilates & Barre PMA Certified Master Teacher Trainer Master Pilates Instructor Master Barre Instructor TRX Trainer ______ What Inspires You ______ I’m easy. Honestly, I am inspired daily by some of the smallest, and what may seem like, insignificant things. Waking up for an early morning run with friends inspires …

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Rebecca Norman

Rebecca Norman BASI Pilates Instructor and Booty Barre Instructor ______ What Inspires You ______ Rebecca is inspired by all the ways Pilates benefits and carries us through our entire lives. Whether you are 22 or 92 you can do Pilates and it can change your life. ______ Outside of Pilates ______ Let me tell you, …

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Hilal Leigh

Hilal Leigh STOTT Pilates Master Instructor Barre Concept Certified Instructor Owner of Just Stretch in London, UK ______ What Inspires You ______ Working with wonderful people every day to help them to achieve their goals and get results truly inspires me. Pilates is my passion and also truly my way of life. ______ Outside of …

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Abigail Larsen

Abigail Larsen

Abigail Larsen Balanced Body® Instructor BASI® Master in training Booty Barre® Instructor MELT® Hands & Feet Instructor Bodhi Suspension Trainer Core Power Yoga Instructor & Trained in.. Buff Bones®, Traditional Thai massage, & Muscle Activations, PN Sports Nutrition ______ What Inspires You ______ I feel inspired when I play music, travel, create healthy meals with …

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Cloè Sommadossi

Cloè Sommadossi Founder & Owner of Pilates Academy International (PAI), Balanced Body Master Instructor Trainer, Pilates Instructor &.. Guru of pretty much everything movement 😉 ______ What Inspires You ______ Passionate people ! I love to go to the ballet and watch those who have dedicated their entire life to something that means the world …

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Jenae Vierhus

Jenae Vierhus NCSF Certified Personal TrainerSustainable Fitness Muscle Building Fat Loss Macro Nutrition ______ What Inspires You ______ “I’m inspired to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle to be the example for others and help others see that it doesn’t have to be an extreme, but rather something sustainable and enjoyable. Now being a mother, …

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Kristine Chaussard

Kristine Chaussard​ Founder & Owner of Gone Adventuring International Pilates Teacher Trainer Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Certified Cardiolates® Instructor Certified Pilates Suspension Method® Trainer Certified Muscle Activations Therapist ______ What Inspires You ______ Number one is probably being outdoors, breathing fresh air, honestly, nature really inspires me. Secondly, entrepreneurs making it happen, creating their …

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