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Circuit Training: Reformer, Mat & Props Marathon – Put yourself to the test!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus : 

This circuit training marathon class is meant to challenge you in new ways, with new exercise variations, challenging positions, lots of coordination required; in addition, to challenging your stamina to move through an hour and a half long class. A total body workout today from core strength, to posterior chain back exercises, to unilateral oblique strengtheners, to standing balance and much much more. Focus on form and breath throughout each exercise. Move from your core outward.

Remember you can always pause class and come back to it if you don’t have an entire hour and a half or if you find you are wearing out before the end of class. Pace yourself and make this your own challenge. Build up your strength. Come back to it and see your progression!

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer, the box, your Mat, and a long resistance band. The props are needed today. I do not know of a substitute for the box, you will need to have a box for today’s workout.

The Course of this Class :

Starting on the Mat with a stomach 5 series, then up to the Reformer right into our Short box series with some new and fun variations to spice it up. We’ll continue to move back and forth between Reformer and Mat, though the majority of our time will be on the Reformer. We have 3 series on the Mat to be precise. Class pace is moderate as some of our set up takes a little more time than usual today with the resistance band but it’s worth it! Get ready for plenty of booty and glutes exercises, some Barre inspired work, plenty of core, hamstrings and upper body as well.

Please do be mindful of your alignment today before moving through each exercise. This will ensure that you get the maximum benefit, avoid injuries, and get results. Make mindful connections while moving, and have fun while being challenged to build more strength in this circuit training marathon reformer, mat & props workout.

Let me know below in comments how you liked class! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Intermediate – Advanced.

Goals : 

Test your strength. Challenge and increase your stamina. Build more power, strength, and control in your moves and practice. Define and build lean muscle tone throughout total body. Improve your balance, proprioception and coordination. Total body integration in all we do.

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