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Classical Pilates Reformer Order, Going Deeper! Day 2

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels
Focus :   

Classical Pilates Reformer order day 2 includes the following list of exercises listed below under “the course of this class”. Today we will pick up where we left off on day 1 in the sequence. Use this class and this program to refine your practice and improve your form and movement patterns. This is a tribute to the power of the work itself, refining our practice and deepening our strength in each of these moves. This program focuses on your form, alignment and breath through each exercise. Mind-body awareness to your muscle activations and movement patterns. Use these classes to perfect your own practice. If you love the classical work, here it is! We will cover the first half of the original order of classical exercises and our day/part 2 will cover the latter half.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and the long box.

Class Level :     

Intermediate presented as most of the classical exercises are at that level if you will. Modifications given for beginners and advanced when appropriate.

The Course of this Class :   



Roll Over – We will begin today using these as our warm up, it would be awfully hard to jump right into Chest Expansion! Then we will pick up where day 1 left off. ⬇️

Chest Expansion

Thigh Stretch




Tick tock


Balance Control on/off

Long Spine

High Frogs

Leg circles

Knee Stretch series: round, flat, off


Pelvic lift

High bridge

Leg pull front

Leg pull back

Side splits

Front splits

Russian splits

This classical pilates reformer order will remain the same throughout our program. So on every even number day this will be our order of exercises. This enables you to hone your practice and focus on form, breath and pattern.

Goals :     

Practice, enjoy and get to know the classical work and exercises as Joseph Pilates conceived and created them. Deepen your practice, focus on your breath and muscle activations in each exercise. Improve your power and efficiency, form and flow in movement. Increase your mind-body awareness.

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