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Perfect to: Learn the classical reformer pilates repertoire and order of exercises. Perfect your practice, repeat, tune and tone your form, alignment, technique and breath patterns. Deepen your mind-body awareness and incrementally improve the quality of your movement.

Welcome to our Classical Reformer Pilates program for improving and deepening your practice of the classical exercises. 2 workouts/week will cover the original sequence of exercises in full. Each week repeats the same order beginning to end. This program will allow you to:

  1. Learn the original exercises.
  2. Practice these exercises in their original sequence order.
  3. Focus on your center, breath, alignment, form, and technique. Improve your mind-body awareness.
  4. Measure actual improvements and progressions by improving your quality and level of practice incrementally. 

As we will follow the format of original exercises this program is not presented at a specific practice level. It will instead present all the exercises in their original form and offer suggestions for modifications as needed both for beginner and advanced practice levels. This program hinges entirely on the power of repetition. Instead of directing focus and energy to learning new variations, choreography and coordination, your energy and focus will be directed to your center, precision, form and fluidity within each exercise. This gives you the opportunity to improve your practice and daily movement patterns incrementally and intuitively as you tune in to your body, its breath, and your muscle activations. 

Use this program to help you achieve these Gone Adventuring goals: 

  1. Stay strong & fit. Tone, Trim, and Sculpt.
  2. Increase your overall strength.
  3. Better your posture and maintain a healthy spine.
  4. Create mindful movement patterns.
  5. Stay consistent & program your workouts.
  6. Learn proper Pilates form & technique.
  7. Level up your movement & practice.
  8. Learn how to use your Reformer.

There are 2 workouts/week about 55 minutes each:

You will complete the full order of classical exercises start to finish from beginning of first workout video to end of second workout video. We are dividing the entire sequence into 2 workouts as it takes a fair amount of time to roll through. Follow this workout plan for as long and as often as you wish.

What equipment is needed?

Reformer and the Reformer sitting box. The box is an integral part of the Reformer and the classical reformer exercises. If you do not own the box or cannot get one, please join us for this program regardless and simply skip past the series using the box.

Repetition and consistency is VITAL. Commit to this each week and you will see change. 

In addition, we encourage you to continue to include other workouts outside this program in your weekly routine for your overall fitness, as variety is also just as important to challenging our mind-body. 


What level?

As mentioned above, this classical reformer pilates program is FOR EVERYONE while being presented in original format. Modifications are given when needed for beginner and advanced levels. Please do not try anything advanced until you have built up the strength and know-how in your practice to try. Always listen to your body, and modify and adapt when you need. Pay close attention to form, precision and breath as this will deepen your work and you will see the results.

Track your progressions within the performance of each exercise and in the overall performance of the entire routine! 

Let us know how you are feeling throughout the program, drop us comments below each video!