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Cloè Sommadossi

Founder & Owner of Pilates Academy International (PAI),
Balanced Body Master Instructor Trainer,
Pilates Instructor &..
Guru of pretty much everything movement 😉

______ What Inspires You ______

Passionate people ! I love to go to the ballet and watch those who have dedicated their entire life to something that means the world to them. The energy and enthusiasm that comes with this, those who are in love with what they do inspires me above all else!

______ Outside of Pilates ______

“What is outside of Pilates? Lol I love lots of things. 🙂 I love to cook and eat sweets. I love playing and listening to music. I love to study. I love writing. I enjoy sailing and being on a boat at sea. Yep, I am a captain! I enjoy traveling, making connections and learning new things. Last but not least, I love being there for my friends and I love to share moments, stories, travels and experiences with others.” 


Cloè is an International Pilates Educator, Instructor Trainer, and PMA Certified Pilates Instructor; a MOTR® and CoreAlign® Master Trainer for Balanced Body®, and a Cardiolates® and SilkSuspension™ Master Trainer for the Pilates Academy International® (P.A.I.). Cloè has studied both classical and contemporary Pilates methods worldwide. (CovaTech Pilates School, Pilates Academy International®, Balanced Body® Education, Fletcher Pilates School, Blandine Calais Germain).

At her own Pilates Academy Dubai studios, Cloè shares her passion and knowledge since 2014 with students and clients from all over the Middle East. She also continually develops education courses for Pilates professionals. Every course she teaches is unlike any other thanks to her enthusiasm and excitement she combines with her extensive scientific knowledge and anatomical and bio-mechanical experienced understanding of the body.

Amongst her many talents as an instructor, she specializes in rehabilitation after much experience working in prestigious Medical and Orthopedic clinics.

“I encourage my clients to take responsibility for their own wellness by being an inspiring example for them. I believe that being a good Instructor primarily means walking your talk. My role as an Instructor is educating my clients by sharing my knowledge generously. Making them autonomous and independent from me is my end goal to help them become responsible for their health and wellness.”

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