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Core Coordination, Full Body, FLOW

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

Core strength and centering along with coordination are the focus of today’s flow. As we move around the Reformer in each direction we will skillfully attempt to hold onto the ball and move from one exercise into the next with little to no transition. Each exercise is complex, requiring full body integration to stabilize in one area in order to mobilize in another area. Get ready to see lots of unilateral work today, therefore stick with me until the end to make sure you are balanced at the end of today’s session, don’t leave early!

This is FLOW! A new style of class which gives you a chance to practice along with me in my own movement time, all the while tuning into your body and your center. I won’t be talking or teaching, you will simply hear the 🌿outdoor sounds along with the machine and sometimes my breath. The exercises will be posted up in the video so keep watching to see what is next. Likewise you’ll have spring suggestions. Remember these are suggestions. Feel free to modify as you need. Learn what best suits your body and go with it. Put all you have learned in our teaching sessions to practice here, and drop us any questions that might arise during class below.

👇Drop us comments below. How did you enjoy class? Did you complete your workout?! Any questions? Encourage other Adventurers also!

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, Reformer sitting box (required for today as the entirety of class is done with the box), and a small soft ball.

Class Level :     

Intermediate level shown. Some exercises may be more advanced. If you are a brand new beginner, I suggest starting with our Beginner program first and then our Classical Reformer program to familiarize yourself with certain basics. Then return and join us in this Flow. 👍

The Course of this Class :   

I want each FLOW class to be a surprise to you and I really hope you follow class all the way to the end. Therefore, I’m not going to give away our movement here, but I will tell you that we’ll move counter clockwise around the short box. Be ready for modified teasers, planks, bear crouches, control front and plenty more. That’s the trailer, now press play and join me!

Class pace is deliberate and mindful. It is not fast at all, but we want to get deep into each movement.

Goals :     

Better coordination, mind-body and head-toe. Stronger overall strength. Stronger core. Balance imbalances using unilateral exercises. Improve plank strength. Spine flexibility and mobility. Arm and shoulder strength. Move fluidly and effectively from core outward. Improve breath patterns with movement. Meditative practice. Deepen connections and practice.

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