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ABB Quick Mat Workout (Abs-Booty-Balance) Move Today Series -Take 1

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :  Mat, Balance Cushion and hand weights (optional) .

Focus :  This core mat workout today is the first of a series of 3 short, simple, yet effective mat workouts. It’s sure to whittle away your middle. We are targeting your abs, a bit of your booty and ending with a chest opener. Short & quick, easy to fit into any busy day or tack on to any other workout! Weights are optional but make a huge difference in targeting those abs and getting results!

Class Level :  Confirmed Beginner on up. For everyone really!

The Course of this Class :  We go straight to it in this 15 minute CORE mat workout using the balance cushion or disk as I refer to it in the video. This disk is amazing for really targeting muscles. It gives us feedback helping to know where to engage. It provides assists or cushion to the low back and just makes it more interesting! ;) Our hand weights will help increase the level of difficulty to this simple yet effective workout, while also increasing the visible definition gained in the muscles. Use water bottles, for example, if you don’t have hand weights! We’ll also get some work in on the booty and finish with some back extension to open up the body.

Goals :  Target our core, get straight to our abs, stronger middle, and not miss a workout due to a busy day ;). Part 1 of a series of 3, you can do it alone or alone with any of the others!

From this Move Today Series : AAB Quick Mat Workout (ADductors-ABductors-Booty) Move Today Series -Take 2, BBe Quick Mat Workout (Booty & Balance) Move Today Series -Take 3

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