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Core Power Beach Burner

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed : Just you and your Mat.

Focus : Burn away that middle section and build your core power and control with the classical Pilates repertoire while listening to and watching the waves !

Class Level : Beginner to Intermediate.

The Course of this Class : This is from one of my favorite home beaches in Biarritz, France! Nothing works like Pilates to flatten, tone, tighten and strengthen our core. So join me as we fluidly move through exercises like: the Hundred; Stomach Series of 5; Bridging; Spine Twist; Swimming and more. After that, we’ll hit those glutes and that upper back too because we don’t want to be lopsided! And our backs are part of our core, so it’s all an integral part of building a stronger center.

Goals : All this for stronger, yes flatter, and more fit ABS. Building more core power and control starts from inside out, it takes time, repetition and dedication. But remember it doesn’t happen in one session, so come back and repeat as many times as you want. And you’ll be surprised to find how quickly it becomes easier and easier. That’s because you are getting stronger!

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