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CORE Sculpt & Scoop Workout on the Spine Corrector

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :  In this core sculpt & scoop workout, we focus 360° on the CORE: front, sides and back. Stand alone or stackable with another workout, followed with cardio, trampoline, a leg or booty & balance workout, for example.

*Equipment Needed :  Spine Corrector and Foam Roller (if you don’t have the roller you can substitute with a soft ball, a towel on the floor or a paper plate on the carpet, a slider, or just socks, or nothing. Remember this is optional. So join us still!) and your Mat for a little cushion if you like.

The Course of this Class : We’re gonna play with the roller throughout all class, imitating some rolling foot work and adding some challenging bridges, it’ll make our work on the spine corrector more fluid and flowing. This workout we’ll stay down the whole time, really focused on that central work and all sides.

Class Level :  ALL levels.

Goals :  Improve and increase your core connection, core strength, and core control. Mobilize your spine in all directions. Build stronger glutes and hamstrings through focused and concentrated effort.

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