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Perfect for: Core Strength Workout Plan, Stronger core and pelvic floor, Flat abs, Strong spine, Back pain reduced, Core transformation.

Welcome to our Core Strength Program for a stronger core and pelvic floor.  In only 8 weeks, this core strength workout plan will move you 3 times a week for only 15 minutes a time and you will see a gradual but dramatic improvement to your core strength.

YOUR TOP GOALS in our Gone Adventuring community:

1. Increase Core Strength

2. Build lean muscle; Tone and Sculpt.

3. Consistency and programming of workouts. 

From Joseph Pilates’ classical exercises to contemporary exercises using varying props you’ll get both repetition and variety in order to keep training every muscle in your core. You’ll get solid instruction into your form, technique and breath patterns while maintaining the flow and fluidity of the workout in order to ultimately increase your stamina as much as your strength. 

Additionally, work on goals to:

  1. Stay strong
  2. Better posture
  3. Maintain a healthy spine
  4. Improve your form and technique

Dramatically boost your core strength directly from home for a better, fuller life. When we move from our core outward, all our movement is transformed to be more efficient, gracious, powerful and effective. We have more energy, more expansive breath, our spines are supported, and so we have less compression and implosion, more expansion, we maximize movement and life to the fullest. 

No workout planning for you and no guess work as to which workouts you should string together, we’ve done it for you and we’re doing this program WITH YOU! This core strength program is uniquely created for you to get real results in seeing a new and improved stronger core and pelvic floor. Though nearly all our workouts will work your abs to some degree, sometimes you just want to target your goal, go after it, and see real lasting change! So, with this in mind, we’ve created this core strength workout plan to get you those results!

What equipment is needed?

We want to switch it up as much as possible for those of you to use the equipment you have. When you don’t have the piece of equipment required REPEAT a prior workout. You are not loosing out! Repetition is AS VITAL as variety! Whatever you do, don’t skip a day, that will be the most important! There will be workouts with props and workouts without. If you are missing the prop being used, listen for the home substitute or click on the link given below each video to grab that prop for your own home set up! 👍 

There are 3 workouts/week about 15 minutes each:

Use this as your wake-up workout; or, use it in conjunction with another workout like lower, upper or full body. Use this as your lunch break workout, or your end of day workout. The options are endless. Understandably, these workouts are not a full fitness routine, they are specifically targeting your core. Do make sure you are also regularly working out your full body for optimal fitness benefits.


*️⃣ Remember that you can always adapt the program to fit your needs. If you have more time and need more challenge, do the workout twice. Or try a different workout from our CORE Lit Playlist linked for you at the bottom of each video description.

What level?

This core strength program is FOR EVERYONE. Modifications are given when needed. Always listen to your body, and modify and adapt when you need. Pay close attention to form, precision and breath as this will deepen your work and you will see the results.

Track your progressions! Take a before and after photo! Notice the change in your stamina and form. Track strength progressions, form, performance, and ease of movement, not just physical appearance. It all counts, it all matters!

Let us know how you are feeling throughout the program, drop us comments below each video!