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________________ Dinner & Workout – One and Done! ________________


Are you a Planner or Last-Minute Molly (like me)?

Getting in your Workouts


How many of you think at the beginning of your day, or maybe even half way through your day, “I don’t have time for my workout today”?  Are you a planner?  Do you block out that time way ahead and no matter what pops up you keep that time blocked out? Or, are you a little more like me? I will have an idea of a time frame when I can fit my workout in, only as that hour approaches and I haven’t gotten nearly as far on all my other To Do’s of the day, I can let my workout time get squeezed or even eliminated until the “next day”. The famous “next day” 🙄, the worst! Because, TODAY is what matters! 


So, what’s your remedy for those busy days? Do you just choose a shorter workout? This is definitely helpful, and it’s always better to move a little bit than not at all. 10 minutes can do wonders for our bodies as opposed to no movement!


What about Meals? When do you prep?


Here’s another question for you. Do you approach your cooking like your workouts? Are your meals planned a week ahead or do you figure it out the day of? As you can probably tell by reading this 😅, guilty as charged, yes, I have always been that last minute, spur of the moment girl. Planning probably takes me more time than just figuring it out in the moment. 😂 Planning doesn’t come naturally to me, but I confess, the results are far less stressful and much more enjoyable.


What if we combined the two?


So, here’s my idea! What if we could combine our workout and our meal for the day, and do it together?! Sometimes I feel like one gets sacrificed for the other and that shouldn’t have to be. I also feel like the joy of cooking, or working out for that matter, can be stolen when we are short on time and feeling squeezed. Let’s make it enjoyable together and get it done in one!


I can’t tell you how many nights I come to the kitchen thinking “oh boy, now what?”. It’s time to eat already and I haven’t even started, plus I don’t have the energy. However, eating healthy has always been really essential to me and my family. So, recently I’ve decided to pull out my slow cooker and I’m loving this idea of throwing everything in, in the morning, and come dinner time, there’s little left to do and dinner is ready! Presto chango! Plus the meal is nourishing. So, this is what I’m starting with, a slow cooked meal. Now, I know that this may not appeal to everyone so we’ll explore all sorts of meals, don’t worry. But for those who do eat red meat, our kick off is with a nourishing beef stew. And actually! You could totally do this recipe veggie, just add more of your favorite vegetables in place of meat. 😉


Cooking & Training, One and Done!


Why embark on this adventure you ask? 😁 Because if you remember from my About Story, and as I also shared here “Starting my story with meat in a box”, I was once a professional private chef and caterer. In addition to this, I’ve studied nutrition and it’s always been very important to me to couple eating clean and fueling well with my training. I want to share this with you so we can all encourage and motivate each other towards living a generally healthier, less toxin laden lifestyle, as much as is possible in today’s world. 😉 If we are spending the time training, let’s get the most out of it! And if we are spending the time cooking, let’s get the best nutrition out of it, right?! We are all in this daily journey, let’s make it an adventure, bring in some joy and live healthier and stronger.   


Dinner & Workout - One and Done! by Gone Adventuring


Your Grocery List for our Beef Stew – or – Veggie Stew 


To do our first workout and meal prep together head here to watch the video. 

To gather your ingredients first, and if you are a recipe reader, here is the recipe below. But don’t miss doing this with me!


You need:

1-2 lbs (1/2 – 1 kilo) Grass fed stew meat or chuck roast. (Looking for a good source? Try ButcherBox, I love them, their meats are amazing and it’s delivered fresh to your doorstep.) (Option: leave in 1 whole piece – OR – chop into large chunks. It will fall apart either way in the end, should become fork tender.)

  • NOTE: if you aren’t a meat eater, you could totally still do this recipe just add more vegetables in place of the meat. 

2 onions, sliced or diced (whatever color you want)

4-6 carrots, roughly diced

4-5 stalks of celery, roughly diced

3 garlic cloves, minced

4 potatoes – OR – 1 squash like butternut or acorn, roughly chopped up

2 apples, roughly chopped

1 – 32 fluid oz. beef or chicken broth (or bone broth)

2-ish fluid oz. Worcestershire sauce (or more)

Tomato paste (lots)

Fresh rosemary, 1 large handful (put in whole sprigs and pull out after cooking is finished, discard)

3-4 Tbsp. Grass fed butter (or olive or coconut or avocado oil if you prefer)

Salt and pepper for taste if you like.


Optional toppers: Fresh avocado 🥑. Fresh cilantro 🌱. Grated cheese 🧀 if you aren’t dairy free.

You can serve this over rice if you like. We eat it as is


Large roasting pan with lid (like a Le Creuset or similar), instant pot or a pressure cooker of some kind (NOTE: you’ll be cooking for much less time), or a slow cooker. I’ll be using a slow cooker.


Cook & Train with Kristi by Gone Adventuring



Chop up all your veg and put in the slow cooker, keep the onions and garlic aside. Brown your meat over medium to high heat, set aside. Sweat the onions and garlic with butter (or oil of choice) until translucent. Add onions, garlic, meat, broth, worcestershire sauce, tomato paste and fresh rosemary to the slow cooker. Leave on medium heat for 5 hours. (I find the heat depends on your slow cooker, mine I use high because it isn’t actually that hot and it takes 5 hours. For others it takes 4 hours on low, so I find it really varies based on your cooker. If you are only doing veggie then you’ll cook for maybe 2-1/2 hours.)


What are your Favorite Family Meals?


Tell us below👇🏼. Or tell us what you’d like to learn or do together? 


Post up your pics below of your finished stew, tell us how it came out and how you liked the workout.