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Dynamizing Flow Workshop

A personalized team workshop for the empowerment of each instructor.

This workshop is specifically dedicated to your studio team. It is a personalized workshop where together we break down some of your own flows and look at practical ways to spice them up, to make them flow better, and to make the whole class experience more dynamic for both you and your clients. Unlike other workshops, in this workshop you will be asked to teach at least one 15 minute segment to everyone. This will be a very typical sequence you are already normally teaching to your clients. We then bring all our teaching to the table and discuss what comprises flow, how to make it dynamic and all that involves. We will also discuss the challenges we face in teaching flow and how we can overcome those.

Movement is about fluidity, fun & function. We discuss how to program compound movements, neurological training, creative variations, and standing work into your sequencing; as well as the incorporation of the core in functional, dynamic movement patterns all in order to increase the client’s concentration, coordination, power, efficiency, and agility.

This workshop is to empower you as the instructor, and your team, in your own creativity & craft, as well as to encourage you to continue growing in your strengths as teachers.

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