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Energizing Ballet Barre with Becca & baby

Instructor: Becca Norman
Level: Intermediate, Postpartum Friendly, Prenatal Friendly

*Equipment Needed :      Handweights, a Wall (or barre, or countertop) and a Mat.

Focus :    In this Ballet Barre inspired routine, we are going to get your heart rate going, as we plié, relevé, and seriously pump those arms. If you are chasing a toddler around, carrying a baby or getting ready to, or just need to strengthen your arms, this one is a killer and it’s awesome! Plus a great way to raise the heart beat. Don’t worry if you never danced or did ballet, if Kristi could do it lol so can you! A great workout for anyone, pre and post-natal included!

Class Level :     Pre and Post-Natal, and everyone else! Beginner – Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :     We start with pliés, curtsies and arm work right away. We’ll work our standing posture, glutes, hips and legs at the same time we’ll be lifting those weights overhead! Next, find a wall, a countertop or a barre as we work through some weight shifting exercises to test our balance and connectivity. We finish on the floor with some nice hip and leg stretches after all that hard work.

Goals :      Create heat and energy, burn some fat and tone muscles feet up! Work the strength of feet and ankles; work coordination too, and get some seriously STRONG ARMS!

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