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Our Pilates Chair, Exo Chair, what it is & which one is best for you - Gone Adventuring

Our Pilates Chair

Our Pilates Chair is Balanced Body’s Exo Split-Pedal Chair. It is 24.5″ (62cm) high x 29.5″ (75cm) long x 23.5″ (60cm) wide. The seat is

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Booty Bands

Our Booty Bands

There are tons out there, it’s never ending. I’ll tell you what guys, I haven’t yet found that band I really love. For now, I’ll

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Foam Roller by Gone Adventuring

Our Foam Roller

Our foam roller is 6″ in diameter x 36″ in length, a firm density with a grip texture. We recommend the same or medium density.

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Fit Ball

Our Fitball

Our Fitball, we have a few and they vary. The most important thing when choosing a fitball is choosing the size. 55 cm (22″) Fitball

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Our Trampoline - Gone Adventuring

Our Trampoline

Our trampoline (or rebounder) is the Belicon Classic, 44″ in diameter with ultra strong bungees. We recommend the same or if you want a slightly

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Our Stability Balls - Gone Adventuring

Our Stability Balls

Our stability balls are medium: 8-10″ (20-25cm) in diameter, and small : 6″ (15cm) in diameter, and both lightly textured to prevent slipping. Purchase our

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Our exercise mat - Gone Adventuring

Our Exercise Mat

Our Exercise Mat is about 5’9″ (180cm) long x 1’9″ (60cm) wide x 1/3″ (0,60cm) thick. We recommend a Pilates Mat thick enough to support

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