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The Posterior Chain Workshop

This workshop turns our attention to strengthening the back chain. In our modern day, forward bent lives we must help people find more thoracic extension, suppleness and flexibility, chest opening and breath again. The majority of our clients live smart phone driven lives, long office hours and time behind the wheel. Upper backs are weak and lower backs are under too much pressure and compression; hamstrings are shortened and weak, and hip flexors are forever kept in a contracted position. We need to strengthen the upper back and glutes, mobilize the mid back, open the chest, shoulders, and hips. We will release tension as much as we focus on strengthening. We will also cover the value of a strong core with less flexion. No more crunching! This workshop presents many exercise ideas and variations for the instructor to think about including in their sequences. It also challenges the instructor to approach their sequencing less traditionally sometimes to help their client combat that daily forward folded posture.

This workshop can be conducted on the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat or all.

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