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Fat Burning HIIT workout, Quick & Effective High Intensity!

Instructor: Jenae Vierhus
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

This fat burning HIIT workout designed and lead by personal trainer Jenae is high intensity cardio. So, get ready to raise your heart rate and break a sweat. A fabulous routine to aid in weight loss. Today you’ll work your total body fitness hitting multiple muscle groups. A great accompaniment to your strength training routine. This HIIT workout can also be done with body weight only.

Equipment Needed : 

Your mat or just the floor depending on your surface and what you prefer.

1-2 sets of dumbbells, and/or 1 medicine ball. 1 kettlebell if you have it, or you can just use your dumbbells. 1 jumprope if you have it, otherwise you can just hop in place.

Class Level : 

ALL levels. For everyone. Today’s intensity can easily be decreased, if needed, by stepping things out instead of jumping, as well as using body weight in place of adding dumbbells. On the other hand, the intensity can also easily be increased by adding more weight or increasing the speed and height of jumps.

The Course of this Class :

Get ready for circuit training. Today’s training alternates between timed sequences and counted reps. You have 7 exercises, 3 full rounds.

Goblet Squats x 20

Jump Rope x 30sec

Dumbbell shoulder press x 15

Jumping lunges x 30 sec

Sumo Dead Lifts x 15

Medicine Ball Slams x 30sec

Push Ups x 10

If you are new to weight lifting, start slow, with less weight rather than more and pay close attention to your alignment, posture and form. Furthermore, this will ensure you prevent any injury or strain and that you get the maximum benefits from your workout. Do also make sure to be hydrated and stay hydrated afterwards.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class!👇🏼

Goals : 

High intensity fitness training. Cardio stamina and strength. Weight loss. Fat burning HIIT workout. Total body strength and toning.

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