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Full Body Feel Good Workout with the Tower or Springboard

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Focus :

This feel good workout using the half cadillac is a full body flow using almost solely the push through bar. From gentle to more advanced exercises this workout will move your spine in all directions while strengthening all around the spine, lengthening throughout the whole body, developing more flexibility, breath and space. With an emphasis on legs and glutes you’ll get some sculpting spring work in at the end of today’s class. You’ll leave feeling taller, longer and stronger while also stretched.

Equipment Needed :

Wall springboard and mat including push through bar, or half cadillac; 2 short medium-heavy springs, and 2 long heavier springs with straps.

Class Level :

Intermediate level with some more advanced cadillac exercises in today’s repertoire but nothing that cannot be achieved or modified. Some moves are very simple and would be great to move through for all levels.

The Course of this Class :

We start with scapula mobilization and freeing up the upper body, shoulders and neck. Side stretches lengthening and opening up come next. From here, get ready for gentle extensions leading into more sustained and advanced upper back extensions (advanced swan) to mobilize the thoracic spine, strengthen the back and open the heart. Bridging (into advanced bridges) and standing work follow next working the posterior chain and particularly the glutes, hips, thighs and legs. Get ready to load on your springs for that sculpting work at the end of our session with spring loaded donkey kicks and hamstring curls, and side lying swings honing in on toning the legs and booty. All in all, you’ll also be getting a lot of spinal articulation, breath work and lengthening throughout.

This is a great full body feel good workout which will leave you both stronger and longer.

Goals :

Strengthen our postural muscles around the spine. Open the side and front of the body with breath and stretch. Release tensions. Strengthen the glutes, hips, and legs while also improving best and ideal alignment in the body. Improve extension and thoracic mobility. Hone and deepen our own movement practice.

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