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How To: Feet in Straps Series

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer.

Class Level :     ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :     Feet in straps series is one of the first exercise series we learn on the Reformer. It is simple and straight forward and feels great! It doesn’t require much explanation, but if you haven’t seen it before this will walk you through this series. There are a number of variations that can be done, I will cover the basics plus 2 other fun variations. Another helpful tutorial to watch alongside this one is How To: Neutral Spine SUPINE as maintaining a “neutral” pelvis will be foundational in this exercise series while lying on the Reformer bed. This will also be the foundation for all other exercises with the feet in the straps. A great series to come to for a cool down, or a warm up, for a stretch, or to strengthen, center and balance imbalances. I hope that this tutorial sheds more light on how to get into and out of the position, making it more approachable and understandable for your own practice!

Pilates depends on certain technical foundations, understanding these better will set you up for success in your practice; protect you from injuring yourself; as well as teach you the best alignment your body can achieve! Plus, practicing with the right form, you’ll get A TON more out of the exercise, your level will increase quickly if you stick to it, and so will your results!

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