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Going with the Flow

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

fit body lean legs… *Equipment Needed :     Stability ball. Reformer and Long/Short box.

Focus :    A feel good, fit body lean legs, Reformer flow. Grab your small to medium size stability ball and we will use it to 1) FIRE UP our inner thighs 2) Tone and lean our legs 3) Isolate those abs 4) Target our focus and 5) Hone our precision in our body mechanics. 

Class Level :     Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :    First, we start with footwork and bridging using the stability ball. Next we move to supine arms and abs, then feet in straps. Finally, rowing, seated, kneeling and prone arm and spinal work. This one is great for everyone.

Goals :     Moving from our center out, core control and strength. Gaining more height, uprightness and support around our spines from pelvic floor all the way to upper back muscles. Leaning and toning our legs. 

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