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Perfect for: Total body toning, sculpting, metabolism boosting, and fat burning.
Keeping fit amidst a busy schedule. Getting back into a workout routine. Prioritizing physical and mental well being. Staying strong and motivated. Travel workouts. Best for little to no equipment needed. 

Welcome to our Fit in 15 challenge program to motivate you to get moving and keep moving each day, even if for a short amount of time. In only 6 weeks, this fit in 15 workout plan will move you 5 times a week for only 15 minutes each session. You’ll have 2 days off each week, you can choose when you take them.

You will quickly feel and see your strength, tone, balance, posture and confidence improve. 

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Our Fit in 15 challenge addresses one of our Gone Adventuring community’s biggest challenges which is…

⏰ Not enough time for my workouts!

This program responds to the need for workouts under 20 minutes; and more importantly, a total body routine!

☑️ We will keep you moving


☑️ Keep you strong

☑️ Get you stronger overall

☑️ Improve your form and technique, posture and balance

☑️ Increase lean muscle tone and core strength

Start today and move for your physical and mental health. Feel confident and amazing while getting real results.

Workouts are ordered from first to last, top to bottom.


What equipment do I need to have?

Grab your mat and you’re good to go.

Besides the mat we’ll be occasionally using one of three other props: a medium size soft ball, a booty band, and a set of heavier hand weights. We’ll leave links in the video descriptions where you can easily order these, but know that you can do all the workouts mat only. 

How many workouts are there per week?

There are 5 workouts per week, 15 minutes each class.

These workouts are created in such a way to provide you with a complete and full body routine by the end of each week. You do not need to add in anything else.

What practice level should I have?

This challenge is for everyone. Suggestions for modifications are given from time to time. Always listen to your body, and modify and adapt when you need. Pay close attention to form, precision and breath as this will deepen your work and you will be sure to see the results.

What are the workouts like?

You will have 3 toning and sculpting workouts and 2 workouts which aim to raise the heart beat, burn fat, and move a bit quicker all the while respecting the foundations of Pilates movement and alignment.

Each workout moves fluidly with no time lost in transitions. 

Track your progression!

📸 Take a before and after photo! Notice the change in your stamina and form. Track strength progressions, form, performance, and ease of movement, not just physical appearance. It all counts, it all matters!

📝 Share with us!

Let us know how you are feeling throughout the challenge, drop us comments below each video!