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Our Fitness Journeys…


Welcome to our first “Kombucha Catch up”! We’re so excited to sit down and chat with you about all things fitness, health, wellness, nutrition and life. Go grab a cup of coffee, a glass of kombucha or any fun drink and sit down with us for a little kombucha catch up. Jenae and I will be sharing our back stories of how we got into fitness. We’ll share our fitness journeys from their beginnings, with their ups and downs, to today present.  We want to know your fitness stories as well! Share with us yours in the comments below. Everyone has a story and as we share our story we find others that relate and we encourage, uplift and motivate one another! We are in this with you. Fitness is a part of our lives, but there’s a lot more too, so we look forward to sharing more with you in coming catch ups! 


Why we do what we do!


Our own fitness journeys and discovered passion for movement are what lead us ultimately to be movement instructors, coaches and trainers today. We both lead busy lives and workouts are certainly not the only thing we spend our time doing 😁! So we are about bringing fitness to YOU in a way that fits with your lifestyle so you can keep fit, strong and healthy from wherever you are, whenever! Movement can be energizing and empowering and we want to create that place for you to come to every day and every week to lift you up in life’s journey. 🙌


We’d love to know more about you, share with us your fitness journeys in comments below!⬇️


What would you like us to chat about next? Drop your suggestions in comments below! 😉


Until next catch up, head over to workouts, plan ’em out for next week and move with us! Ciao guys! 😘