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Our goal is to give you THE most effective fitness programs at home. These programs offer customized workouts for a chosen duration of days, targeting specific fitness and training goals designed to get you real results that transform your body! Whether your goal is to build strength, tone fast, lose weight, improve your posture, increase your flexibility, be consistent, or better your mind-body connection, no matter what fitness level you are at, we’ve got just the right online fitness training programs for you! The Gone Adventuring approach effectively builds lean muscle with a long and sleek appearance, whilst developing flexibility, agility, and coordination. There is truly a program for everyone, responding to a variety of goals and different seasons of life. Find your perfect match and program it in your calendar today.

Regardless of whatever your fitness goals may be, consistency is key, and so is variety! If we do the same things all the time, we are liable to miss out on seeing changes in our bodies. This is why it is imperative to switch things up, stay consistent, and keep motivated. Our classes do precisely that!

  • Strength Training — Build lean muscle while achieving fat loss using bodyweight, resistance bands, and hand weights
  • Pilates — Empower your body and mind, develop strength from deep within, improve your movement patterns and functionally support all your other activities with the Pilates fitness program at home, which offers both the Mat, Reformer and Chair classes.
  • Fit-Ball — Get fit with our total body toning Fit-ball workouts and build your stamina, balance, and core all at the same time.
  • Posture — Learn simple exercises you can add to your own daily routine to radically improve your posture and develop a healthier spine.
  • Kickstart Programs — In 30 minutes or less for ten days or thirty days, you can make a fit comeback, feel confident in your own skin, and get a jumpstart on a wondrous journey to health and wellness.
  • Cardiovascular Training — Build your stamina and endurance, strengthen your heart and veins, cleanse your cells and lymphatic system, boost your metabolism, lose and/or manage weight, stay healthy and increase your vitality and energy with low-impact, high intensity interval training, plyometrics and rebounding.

With our quick 3-12 minute workouts, you get a jumpstart on your day! By merely incorporating just a few minutes a day, our at-home fitness programs will make a big difference in how you look and, more importantly, how you feel! 

If you don’t already have the equipment needed, don’t worry, the majority of programs offer alternatives for body weight and mat only. Also, small props are generally very inexpensive and so easy to keep at home. We provide links to each prop if you want to grab one and have it in house.

At Gone Adventuring, our goal is to offer online fitness training programs that everyone can enjoy, and more importantly, get real and tangible results you can see and feel. We encourage you to write in and comment below each workout, let us know how you liked class and the changes you are seeing and feeling in your own body. Take note of everything, from a deeper mind-body awareness to better coordination, from the ability to perform one exercise all the way through to physical changes you see in the mirror.

Get started on your fitness journey with our seven-day free trial, and you don’t have to leave your home to do it. Make today the start of feeling healthier, stronger, and more focused than ever before, so turn off your phone and tell everyone you’ve gone adventuring to be fitastic and fabulous!