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Rolling Pin Abs

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

flatten out that belly… *Equipment Needed :     Foam Roller and Mat.

Focus :    Increase strength, balance and endurance : This class follows a fluid flow and will therefore work your stamina while also working your every side in each plane. You’ll increase your flexibility while also improving your strength. The roller is a great tool for all this. So join me for a fun, fluid flow!

Class Level :     Beginner to Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :    Yes this is a whole body cooker, but it will especially roll out your core, flatten out that belly and cinch in that waistline! Get ready to use the foam roller to target and sculpt your abs, increase your strength, balance and endurance, and bring more openness and length into your body head to toe! Get ready not just to lie down, but also to plank, side plank, extend, rock and roll out your core.

Goals : Flat Belly : If you have a hard time feeling or connecting to that lower abdominal region, this session really targets that and the roller will give you a lot of feedback! Because the roller helps us with our precision and specifically pulling in and up our low abs, this is why it helps to flatten out that belly. No more pouch.

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