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Flexibility Stretches for Legs, Low Back and Spine – Building Length & Strength

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

These flexibility stretches help to lengthen your hamstrings, decompress and stretch your low back, stretch your hip flexors and quads, open your chest and extend your side body. Today’s class is all about increasing that length and flexibility with active stretches using the intelligent pulley system of the Reformer. This provides a safe and effective way to build in more flexibility to your body, assist you beyond your current limits but also keep you in a safe environment where you won’t go to far in that stretch. You will maintain your elasticity all the while gaining more length. You’ll feel stretched, released, relaxed and more open upon finishing class today. If you struggle with really tight hamstrings or have daily activities or practice a sport which encourages the constant shortening of your muscles, I highly recommend coming to this class over and over to both combat those other activities and balance out the muscles and tissues in your body. You’ll feel all the better for it!

Use this class as you need. Feel free to skip to the parts that you need the most for the day, you can do it in whole or in parts, it works great either way. Make it your own!

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer and box.

The Course of this Class :

This class will be choosing those exercises that most encourage the lengthening of the legs and body as a whole. From Eve’s lunge to Feet in straps to Splits we’ll be moving mindfully through each exercise. This is a relaxing type pace while we stay tuned in to moving through those sticky points and areas where we really need to find more opening in the body and release tensions.

Class Level : 

ALL levels.

Goals : 

Gain, create, build more flexibility with these flexibility stretches particularly for the legs, low back and spine. Release tensions, relieve stress built up in the body’s tissues. Increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to tight muscles. Combat the shortening of muscles. Maintain strength and elasticity while also increasing flexibililty.

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