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Full Body Conditioning Workout, Dynamic Mat Pilates

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

Full body conditioning workout, from BARRE exercises to functional fitness inspired exercises to Pilates Mat exercises, this class covers it all. You’ll burn out, deeply sculpt and shape your abs, while toning your legs, arms and booty. This is a dynamic and fun class challenging balance, core strength, proprioception, weight transfer, and overall fitness. You’ll finish stronger and fitter than when you first started!

This class was taught during a 24 hour virtual “Pilates Party” event, from instructors all over the world, in order to raise support for Casa Myrna, a home in Boston, Massachusetts, providing support to those who have suffered domestic violence and sex trafficking. Feel free to visit Casa Myrna’s site and learn what they do.

Equipment Needed : 

Your Mat and a soft stability ball.

The Course of this Class :

Starting with BARRE inspired pliés, barreless I should say (if you need, have a wall or back of a chair nearby), we’ll warm up those legs. Next, get ready for split lunges and what I call, standing T’s. Move it down to the mat for some challenging bear crouches. Then, onto our side body and core. You will fully move your spine in all directions. Get ready to finish with a beautiful chest opener, side/back bend. We’ll keep it moving for fluidity and to up that fitness challenge today. Come back to this full body conditioning workout as often as you want to see the improvement in each exercise and your strength progress!

Class Level : 

ALL levels. This will be quite challenging for a beginner but I do encourage all levels to give it a try. Suggestions of ways to amp it up or modify are given throughout class.

Goals : 

Full body conditioning, seriously. This covers it all. Build deeper abdominal strength; flatten that belly; lengthen the psoas; balance out any hyper extension in low back or posterior tilt; reinforce the strength and flexibility of your spine; increase your stamina; improve your posture and alignment in each exercise and overall; progress the level of your fitness.

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