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The Magic Reformer Sandwich

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Full body fitness.. *Equipment Needed :     Magic circle. Mat. Reformer and Long/Short box. Jumpboard.

Focus :     Full body fitness endurance, and some cardio, toning Pilates Mat-Reformer combo. Inner thighs, pelvic floor, and the transverse abdominal will be targeted; then cardio jumping and finally whole body strength. This is a long session today, when you have the time, put yourself up to the challenge, you’ll feel amazing at the end.

Class Level :     Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :     Get ready to power up those inner thighs, FEEL THE BURN! When we connect to our inner thighs we turn on that pelvic floor and transverse abdominal, all so we cinch in that silhouette, arms and legs as much as waistline. The magic circle is magic for just that. ;) Get ready to balance standing, starting on the mat first with the magic circle, then moving over to the Reformer we’ll jump to get that heart rate up; next, we’ll continue on the Reformer to work your total body strength and endurance. Finally we finish back on the mat with the magic circle. We start and end on the mat with the reformer sandwiched in between, this tests and improves full body fitness endurance, and toning.

Goals :     Developing more endurance, increasing our fitness level, targeting our inner thighs and pelvic floor for a tighter, more toned coreTotally toned body sculpting session, nothing will be left out.

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