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Full Body Mobility, Strength, Flexibility, & Stability Final: All-Ages, All-Time

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, All Levels, Beginner, Intermediate

FOCUS :   

Wrapping it all up today, we focus on hip, knee and ankle full range of motion, stability, strength, mobility and flexibility. Additionally we will challenge upper body, shoulder, arm and upper back strength; posture, standing balance and our core strength. Today’s class is a broad sweep over our last 9 classes with additional challenges and new exercises. It gives you plenty of takeaways to include in your every day/week routine to maintain a strong baseline of strength and mobility for the best longevity, vitality and quality of movement in life! Keep it up and let us know how you enjoy today’s class in comments below!

This is our tenth Anti-aging class. We hope this program is educational as much as it proves functional for your own self practice. We seek to answer the question:

“WHAT MOVEMENTS should I pay attention to include in my daily, and at least weekly, routine that will give me the best longevity and vitality for all ages and all-time?”

Repeat these classes as often as you like or reference the exercise list below for your own empowered practice.


Resistance band, wall, step, stair or box and your mat.


ALL levels. For everyone and all ages too!


This is our longest class of our program and includes a fair amount of exercises with their many variations. The list is quite long so we encourage you to repeat this class as often as you like or skim through to be reminded of the exercises. Due to the amount, we didn’t list them here. Just remember to include standing exercises into your regular routine as this greatly strengthens your dynamic balance and so much more which prevents falls and keeps you healthy and strong for all-time. Use your wall at home and make a stair or step at home your close friend so you stay strong in your step ups. Keep core training at the center of your workouts so your spine stays young, strong, healthy and mobile. Be absolute sure to include FULL RANGE movements in your weekly if not daily routines so as not to lose range of motion. What we don’t practice we do lose. Just remember that! So keep up your practice of all these movements and you’ll be good as gold.

Let us know how you liked class below! 👇🏼

GOALS :     

Stronger for longer. Maintain and keep full range of movement in joints and tissues. Practice and sustain dynamic balance for fall prevention and strength in daily activities. Keep the spine supported, healthy and moving. Maintain and continue core strength. Move for all-ages and all-time. Improve movement quality and move always. Age with strength and grace. Be empowered to know what exercises you should include as a baseline in your own self practice.


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