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Full Body Resistance Training workout with Reformer/Tower Combo

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

Focus :

Full body resistance training workout to tone legs, abs and arms. Using the opposing pulls from the springs from the tower and the springs on the carriage we’ll tone and sculpt our legs, target our core, and refine and strengthen the upper body. Have fun today playing with the glide between both tether points of tower and carriage.

Equipment Needed :

Reformer/Tower combo, and the Reformer sitting box.

Class Level :

Intermediate. But I encourage everyone to try this workout, even if you are more a beginner, take it slow, modify what you need and you’ll build your strength.

The Course of this Class :

Start with footwork and feet in straps. Time to sit it up for rowing back to strengthen arms, posterior chain, and spine. Get ready for a TOUGH reverse abdominal series facing the tower! Lie down for our breaststroke for more spinal erector strengthening and chest opening. Next up is our thigh stretch with extension, and then mermaid.

This full body resistance training workout uses full body integration in each exercise, from breath work, to muscle initiation and coordination. You’ll leave today’s workout toned and sculpted head to toe.

Goals :

Tone, strengthen and sculpt long, lean muscles. Connect mind-body. Improve coordination. Increase and deepen practice. Move spine in all directions. Full body integration.

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