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Day 4: Full Body Strength Training at home for fat loss & lean muscle gain

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Think, you get to do full body strength training at home, don’t have to drive to the gym, you’re already ready to go! Ok guys, so, today will be all about compound moves, meaning combining upper and lower together, more coordination, as well as stabilizing one area in order to mobilize another. Combining isometric training with concentric and eccentric training. As will be pretty characteristic of this program, you’ll have a good combo of Pilates exercises with classical fit, functional exercises. It’s day 4 already of our Strength training for fat loss program, you’re more than half way through your first week, bravo! I hope you are starting to feel the days accrue from all you’ve put in so far. If you aren’t yet, it’ll build, don’t worry!

Remember the addition of hand weights is important to maximize your benefits of time training and see visible results in both your strength, fat loss and the definition of your muscles. But, if you are new to weight training or Pilates, start with body weight only, and build up.

This program will add zero bulk, not to worry, I know that can sometimes be a concern when someone hears “weight training”. “Au contraire” it slims and sculpts! And, Pilates will always deliver a long, lean silhouette. Adding weights will only help to achieve that further.

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, 1 lighter set of dumbbells/hand weights and 1 heavier set of dumbbells, and finally a relatively strong resistance band or you can use a booty band. We’ll be tying it around a door handle or anchor point of some kind, so it needs to be somewhat long. If you don’t have all of these props, don’t worry about it, use what you have and move with us!

Class Level :     

ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :   

I decided to warm us up with our Stomach 5 series before needing our core to stabilize and support our spine in the rest of our exercises. For this full body strength training at home get ready for squats, lunges, rows, butterflies, hip thrusts, chest presses, teaser and roll over, etc. It’ll be a good mix up between classical Pilates mat exercises and functional fitness. Class pace is mindful and thoughtful in order to really engage those muscles at a deep level and transform that body.

Today might feel short for some of you so if you are up for more, consider one of the workouts I’ve handpicked in the below list, and then join me tomorrow for our Cardio shred day! Let me know how you are feeling in comments below! 👇🏼

Goals :     

Full body strength training at home with weights, for fat loss and lean muscle build and gain. Improve muscle tone and definition. Reshape, tone, sculpt. Burn fat. Get stronger. Increase your fitness. Alternate focus each day to add up to a full body training program within the at the week. See real progressions in your body. Reach your goals whether to burn fat, gain strength, or lose weight.

Next up : 

Create more flexibility!

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