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Day 27: Full Body Strength Workout at home 🏠 or outdoors🌳

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

This full body strength workout at home or outdoors with me from the garden will challenge your whole system. HEAD’S UP! You’re going to hear the wind, the chimes and the birds today in surround sound as we workout, apologies and enjoy! We will strengthen and tone everything from our coordination to our balance, strength, and flexibility. We will move in all planes from planks to lunges to crunches. Place yourselves near an anchor point whether it’s a tree, a bench, a post, or a couch leg as we’ll be anchoring our resistance band to that. Note what progress you feel you’ve made in your performance of each exercise today and continue to push yourself. You are in the home stretch, only 3 more days to go and you have completed 30 total days of strength training, bravo! How much stronger are you feeling?

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, your heavier set of hand weights, and a resistance band. I’ll be using a band with handles, you use whatever you have. You will want to be near an anchor point today: a post, a tree, a couch leg, a door knob, something of the like that is sturdy and won’t pull down on you.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. Make this your own. Amp it up if you need to, or tone it down. Just push yourself!

The Course of this Class :   

Watch the first few seconds of this video to get the best idea of all that awaits you! We are mimicking much that was done in the upper body Reformer class this week. We start with a series that includes both stretch and strength, coordination and balance. Thanks to our anchor point we’ll be able to do unilateral ab exercises including toe taps and pulsing crunches to target that core tone. Rows and teaser as well as marching bridges challenge abs deeper and the whole connectivity of the body’s system. A great full body strength workout at home requiring little equipment to deeply tone your core strength.

If you are looking to workout more today I suggest repeating a cardio workout from our program. Check the 30 day library here. This will continue the fat burn but not overdo for tomorrow. Then hydrate well and rest up. See you tomorrow! Drop me a comment below to tell me how you liked class! 👇🏼

Goals :     

Total body strength training for toning and sculpting. Fitness transformation. Improve balance and coordination, as well as total body integration. Deeper mind body connections. Improve form and function. Alternate daily workouts for a full body strength transformation after 30 days. Note and track and feel progressions in your fitness. Achieve your goals whether to lose fat, increase strength, lose weight, or better posture.

Next up : 

Lower body.

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