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Day 12: Full Body Stretch for Flexibility, Length & Recovery

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Today is our full body stretch for flexibility to lengthen and elongate the muscles, help our sore muscles recover and bounce back quicker, release fascia, tension, and tightness. Today is our 6th day at the end of week 2 for our 30 day Strength training program for fat loss and lean muscle gain. Make sure not to skip this day as it will really help create those long lean lines in the body. Also, you’ll be more ready for next week’s workouts as today will help those muscles to recover from our week of workouts.

You’ll lengthen the side body, lateral lines, legs, hip flexors, hamstrings, hips, low back, thoracic mobility and rotation.

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, a medium soft ball (or rolled up towel) and a resistance band. I’ll be switching back and forth between a heavier resistance band and a lighter one depending on what we are doing.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. For everyone!

The Course of this Class :   

Class starts by stretching into the entire side body. Enjoy the view today behind me up on the cliff. Next we move into climb a tree with hamstring and more lateral stretches in the legs and low back. Then, spinal articulations, thoracic rotations, and more stretches for the hips and legs using the resistance band to assist us. Class is a bit longer than our 30-40 minute other classes but enjoy it and take the time to create more flexibility in your body today.

This full body stretch for flexibility moves slowly, mindfully and focuses on using the breath to help create more space and length and release.

Let me know how you liked class in comments below! 👇🏼

Goals :     

Create more length and flexibility in the entire body. Release and stretch out sore muscles. Improve circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues. Relieve stress and tension. Move out stale stuck tissue. Use active stretches instead of passive stretches to create more flexibility.

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