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Full Body Toning Classical Flow hosted by The 🐈Cashew Show! 😂

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  Spine Corrector OR you can easily substitute with a Baby Arc, OR a Bosu, OR a medium size stability ball and your Mat. I want to use this piece of equipment for those of us who have it but also encourage you who don’t that there are ways of still following and using another piece of equipment in its place.

Focus :  This full body toning, classical inspired Pilates flow will move the spine in every direction and work the core, back, glutes and legs.

Class Level :  ALL levels. If you are using a different piece of equipment modify for what you can do with it, or just do the same exercises on the Mat. This is your workout, your time and your body!

The Course of this Class :  NOT kidding, get ready for it! This class Cashew wanted in on!!! Hopefully he’ll provide some comical relief while we start with our CORE, move onto our posterior chain, and continue to our side body and standing planes.

Goals :  Improve overall strength, make deeper connections in our core using the Spine Corrector for that feedback, work breath and fluidity in movement.

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