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Full Body TRX Workout – Fat Burning Circuits

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  TRX (or similar suspension trainer), your Mat is OPTIONAL today, mainly just for transitions in and out of your stirrups.

Focus :  Today is a full body TRX workout, fat burning session that is entirely fitness based. Core and scapular stabilization; upper and lower body strength; high Intensity, low impact, cardio exercises.

Class Level :  Intermediate. But totally approachable and adjustable for all levels, try it! 😉

The Course of this Class :  Today we’ll be working on circuits. You’ll have 3 Circuits that include 2 rounds each, similar to HIIT training. Be ready to get hot and SWEATY! This is a fabulous workout to build strength while burning fat. Each exercise is rather TRX classic, but fun sequencing means stacking those challenges!

Goals :  Increase full body strength & stamina. Burn fat, shred 😉, sweat and have some fun at it! Exercise the heart. Exercise proper form, core stabilization & alignment in larger movements.

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