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Sweaty & Fun Cardio Workout at home on the Trampoline

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

This fun cardio workout at home will get you sweating and keep you on your toes! Rebound with me for an awesome cardio cleansing, heart pumping, lymphatic drainage and cellular renewal clean out! You’ll feel fabulous afterwards and have a blast during. You’ll work everything, from core to booty to legs to arms. Looking for a natural lift, the trampoline will do it, regain your youth and tone, grab your trampoline and jump with me! Having a low energy day, you’ll feel a million dollars better after this and have new found energy.

Equipment Needed :     

Trampoline. (We use the Bellicon trampolines which absorb 95% of the shock and are therefore particularly instrumental in facilitating lymphatic drainage, cellular cleaning, bone densifying, pelvic floor toning and overall cardio. We recommend the same or similar.)

Class Level :     

ALL levels.

The Course of this Class :   

As usual we will set in our core connection first, 8 minutes of abs and glutes to warm up. Next, step it up and get ready to jump. Our jumps will be mostly Cardiolates derived meaning respecting the vertical alignment and following a certain choreography of steps to work our coordination, concentration and mind-body connection. But be ready for a cardio spurt challenge of hinged-at-the-hip jumps to pick up speed and the heart rate! Finish with plyometrics and planks! Turn on the playlist below or your favorite music to stay motivated, have fun and keep the energy UP! Have fun and challenge yourself today with a quick and steady pace in this sweaty and fun cardio workout at home.

Jump to 🎵 this playlist 🎶 today with me, or turn on your favorite to get your motivated and pumped!

Drop me a note below to let me know how you liked class!👇🏼

Goals :     

Burn those calories, get a sweat, cardio cleanse, shed and shred. Have fun. Heart rate up. Energy up. Densify bones. Tone full body. Lift (combat gravity). Cardio conditioning. Get fit. Maintain fitness. Get fit again.

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