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Gentle Movement for Light Arms & Legs Prenatal session at 27 weeks

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels, Beginner

Focus :  

This gentle movement session for mom’s in their 3rd trimester will lightly tone your arms and legs while also focusing on breath work and stretch. You will work your standing balance, glutes, legs, lateral slings, and stretch your inner thighs and spine, while opening the hips. Today’s session can be used for any trimester.

  • ❇️ Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. 
  • ➡️ IF you are a mom and you have any particular restrictions or concerns in regards to certain exercises please reach out to us directly via contact@gone-adventuring.com or drop a comment below and we will do our best to help you so you can move confidently and feel strong!
  • ✳️ Before beginning, remember these things:
  • Start small and slow. Breath deeply and intentionally through each movement.
  • Be aware of unstable joints as the prenatal hormone Relaxin is in your system.
  • Drink a lot of water!
  • Make sure to be getting good rest.
  • STOP if you feel ANY pain and, when in doubt, call your OB/GYN.
Equipment Needed :  

Your mat, a bosu ball (if you don’t have one you can substitute a balance cushion or do these exercises directly on the mat, don’t worry!); light hand weights (1-5 lb.) (use water bottles if you do not have hand weights); fit gym ball.

➡️ IF you do not have a fit ball you can sit on a household chair and do all the exercises we do on the fit ball.

The Course of this Class :

Our gentle movement starts standing and ballet inspired combining simple yet complex exercises to work both upper and lower body together. Be ready for pliés, lateral and linear lunges, hip thrusts, glute presses, spine twist and saw, roll backs. Lastly, we will do a series of stretches for the side body and the inner thighs whilst opening the hips. Our session moves at a very slow, steady pace as we are following our mom and working with her needs. If for any reason you are experiencing something similar, our mom’s heart rate is quite high due to certain things going on with her pregnancy. So, we move slowly to continue to support her body and alleviate stresses and tensions, but this is predominantly why our movement is purposely slow.

Always listen to your body during this prenatal workout. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable adjust your spring or range of movement or skip that exercise. Every pregnancy is unique as is each day, give yourself and your body grace.

I understand if you are able to do more of a workout this might not be the best video for you. Please reach out to me directly so I can help you choose what would be most suited to you and your needs during this time! Write me, Kristi, at contact@goneadventuring.com.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class and if it has helped you as well as any questions you may have. 👇🏼

Class Level :  

3rd trimester Prenatal. Beginner. 

Goals :  

Gentle movement continuing to strengthen and support mom during pregnancy and in the last trimester. Strengthen upper and lower body. Stretch side body, hips and inner thighs. Move slowly to give time for full breaths and not raise heart rate too much. Bring calm and release into the body. Enjoy movement while pregnant and avoid abdominal exercises to encourage opening at this stage. Stretch the spine. Increase blood flow, oxygen and circulation.

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