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Getting Stronger by Continuing the work, Beginner Reformer Pilates, Part 6

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner
Focus : 

You are getting stronger as you continue the work and advance the method in your practice. Today you will see some much more intermediate exercises as I want to make sure to cover them with you not only in tutorials but also in a workout format where we take time through talking and teaching points. This workout includes lots of teaching, so it is best in this beginner series where I take time to really explain and walk you through each exercise. See the course of this class below to see which exercises exactly you can be sure to see in this workout. Then, please continue to come back to this entire series to practice your work and you will soon move from beginner to intermediate! FULL BODY today and THE LAST of our series.

Take this class if you have been following our other beginner reformer pilates and/or mat pilates workouts. This class is made to help you perfect your own pilates practice. Much time is spent in teaching points.

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer and Reformer sitting box.

The Course of this Class :

Today is the last of our Beginner Pilates Reformer series so we will be covering some exercises we haven’t yet as well as revisiting others to practice them. Here is a list:

Closed chain scooters

Hands in straps

Double leg stretch

Double leg straight stretch


Rowing back: round and flat

Chest expansion

Thigh stretch with extension

Back leg pull

Long back stretch

Tendon stretch

Advanced swan

Pulling straps




Russian splits

Class pace is slow and methodical including a lot of teaching points. You’ll have lots to focus on and practice today from set up to form to breath to flow and more.

Let us know below in comments if you have any questions about any exercises seen today👇🏼Let us know also if this series has been helpful to you.

Class Level : 

Pilates Beginners.

Goals : 

Getting stronger in your own Pilates practice on the Reformer, one exercise at a time. Review each exercise, understand the movement pattern, breath and form. Increase your confidence in your own movement. Increase overall strength and stamina. Full body practice. Moving from beginner to intermediate.

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