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Day 17: High Intensity, Low Impact workout for a Strong & Toned Bod

Instructor: Jenae Vierhus
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Our high intensity low impact workout today is for everyone. Combining strength training using weights with cardio we’ll raise the heart rate and challenge the whole body. Today’s class is created and lead by Jenae, our personal trainer in weight lifting and body building. This high energy, upbeat, glute and leg focused yet full body integration workout is quick and effective. You’ll challenge your cardio, increase your stamina, and burn fat.

This class is for everyone following the program, if you prefer a HIIT workout on the Reformer check the links below at the bottom of this description to do one of those instead.

Equipment Needed :     

Your mat, 1-2 sets of dumbbells, opt for heavier rather than lighter today. 1 kettlebell if you have it, if not you can use 1 dumbbell instead.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. Today’s class is for everyone whether you’ve been following the program on the mat or the Reformer. You can up the challenge today with heavier weight or decrease it doing it only with body weight. Adapt this to you.

The Course of this Class :   

Our high intensity low impact workout for fat loss & cardio alternates between counted reps and timed sequences. There are 8 exercises in each round and we will do 3 rounds. Be ready to move quickly from one exercise to the next as we will minimize our rest time in between sets to test our stamina and sustain our cardio! Your sequence will be: Kettle Bell Swings x 20; Mountain Climbers x 30sec; Upright Standing Rows x 10; High Knees x 30sec; Forward lunges or reverse lunges x 20; Plank shoulder taps x 30sec; Romanian Dead Lifts x 15; and Bicycle Crunches x 30sec.

If you are new to lifting weights please start with a low weight today and pay close attention to your alignment and your posture throughout each exercise. This is to prevent injury and ensure you get the maximum benefit out of all your efforts. If you do not have weights or are not ready for them, you could try adding a resistance band in place of them today. Remember that when we add outside resistance this is what helps our bodies to get stronger and build lean muscle. This is a great hiit workout at home to come back to and do as a stand alone any time.

Show up hydrated and stay hydrated afterwards.

See you tomorrow. How was class? Drop us a comment below 👇🏼

Goals :     

High intensity, low impact workout to improve strength, build lean muscle, burn fat, increase stamina and improve power. Full body fitness. Transform our fitness level. Get more tone and definition in the muscles. Increase energy. Boost metabolism.

Next up : 

Flexibility/stretch day.

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