HIIT & Sculpt

Group Reformer Workshop

This class fuses the principles of Pilates, HIIT, fitness and plyometrics, keeping correct form, technique & precision, getting the best these all have to offer. This isn’t a jumpboard cardio class, though that can be included sure; this will use the classic Pilates exercises at their best along with functional movement patterns, dynamic sequencing & flow, music, and an energetic pace to lean, tone & sculpt bodies. Your clients will leave sweaty and chatting about how great class was ! This workshop will give you ideas, variations & sequencing to transform your group Reformer class into an athletic, cardio, unforgettable experience. But most importantly, this workshop will help you know how to build and program this type of HIIT & Sculpt Pilates class. And, specifically for the group, simplifying the exercises chosen to keep the pace and benefit without losing time. Get ready to move them, keep them focused, work them hard & make them sweat !

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