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Where High Intensity meets Pilates Intelligent.

We are convinced this is best of both worlds. Expect to jump, pulse, pike, plank, curl, shake, sweat, and repeat! We’ll use a host of props and be moving non-stop.

We take High Intensity Interval training using spurts of intense anaerobic exercise to work the heart and burn calories; then we combine it with the “less” intense whole body sculpting and reshaping of Pilates. You’ll get the results of a lifetime ! In addition, the Pilates body alignment, awareness, and breath centering renders every movement more efficient, effective and powerful. So, if you miss cardio in your routine, want fat-burning, or simply want a different challenge, this will take you there. We will use the excellence of Pilates exercises combined with cardio spurts of plyometrics and mat exercises using props and/or body weight to increase our heart rate and our fitness level. Get ready to be on a timer and work a little differently than usual, yes this is Pilates Fitness Fusion.

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