Hilal Leigh

STOTT Pilates Master Instructor
Barre Concept Certified Instructor
Owner of Just Stretch in London, UK
Hilal Leigh - Gone Adventuring

______ What Inspires You ______

Working with wonderful people every day to help them to achieve their goals and get results truly inspires me. Pilates is my passion and also truly my way of life.

______ Outside of Pilates ______

“I love to spend time with my family, be active and get outdoors. I am conscious about the importance of taking care of myself, both body and mind and so I’ve always been committed to training. So even outside of Pilates, well, I’m really dedicated to my training, fundamentally Pilates.”


Hilal Leigh is a certified Master Instructor for STOTT Pilates in London, UK, and a Barre Concept Instructor. She has 3 main focuses in her teaching: Pilates, Barre, and Stretching. She is a passionate and dedicated instructor with a keen eye for form & technique.
Originally in the corporate world, she traded her office clothes for Lycra to make her passion her career and not just her hobby. This decision came after suffering a major neck injury at which point Pilates became a therapy and a method of healing, following surgery. Though a huge blow, she is stronger now than ever before and attributes this largely to her dedication in training, principally Pilates. 
Pilates is a way of life for Hilal, she lives what she teaches her clients, and she loves to help others achieve their goals. 

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