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How to do a Plank Properly, Progressive Beginner, Mat Part 4

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner
Focus : 

How to do a plank properly is what we are covering today in length. We’ve seen many of the other classical Mat exercises and today we will cover planks in it’s basic form and in more developed exercises like the leg pull front and leg pull back. Today you will also get a lot of hip work to strengthen your lumbo-pelvic-hip complex for a stronger gate, spine, glutes, legs, and better balance. You’ll also practice standing scissors; roll up; roll over; jackknife; saw; rolling like a ball; high bridge; corckscrew; high table; side kneeling kicks; teaser; and open leg rocker. This is are Part 4 in our Beginner Pilates series moving through the classical exercises in workout format and flows while also taking the time to talk about proper alignment, positioning and breath patterns. This series is meant for either first timers, those newer in their practice, and also those wanting to come back to the basics or review your form and technique.

Equipment Needed : 

Mat only.

The Course of this Class :

Get ready to start by setting up a proper plank, we’ll set up your best alignment and then begin to move within that position. Next stand it up for our standing hip work with challenging lunges into scissors. Afterwards you’ll bring it down to the mat for your roll downs, roll overs and teaser. You’ll move your spine in all directions today and work your breath fully. If you find any one of these particular exercises really difficult, today is the day to incrementally work into and through each one. We’ll give you building blocks and stepping stones for each. If you have ever wondered if you are doing a plank properly we hope that today will teach you how to do a plank properly and give you the confidence you need to move in that position.

Come back to this workout as often as you like, add in reps and increase the pace as you gain in confidence.

Remember if you ever want to go more into technique to check out our How To’s.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class.

Class Level : 

Pilates Beginner.

Goals : 

Continue to learn the classical Pilates mat exercises, correct form, alignment and breath patterns. Deepen and improve our understanding and performance of the exercises as well as our confidence. Refine form and technique. Learn modifications for these exercises you can use in all other workouts until you can come into the full exercise itself. Increase strength overall. Slowly move from beginner to intermediate.

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