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How to do Pilates, Progressive Beginner, Mat Part 3

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner

Focus : 

How to do Pilates? We are Part 3 today in our Beginner Pilates series, you will continue practicing and learning what we have already seen: ab work in supine position (back on the mat), glute bridges, side lying kicks, and supermans prone (lying on stomach). This series is meant for first timers to these exercises, or those wishing to come back to basics. We will talk a lot about proper alignment and positioning as well as how to breath through each movement to help you begin to develop more strength in these exercises, more stamina and more confidence knowing you are doing them correctly. A gentle full body workout today covering each plane of movement.

Equipment Needed : 


The Course of this Class :

You will practice the stomach 5 series again today, reinforcing the lifting of the head and forward fold of flexion. This series is tough and it takes time to build strength to be able to do the whole series without taking breaks. Please remember to listen to your own body, we are each at a different level from our neighbor so rest if you need to, even if we aren’t, pick up and join us where we are at when you are ready again, or press pause and play again. Next, we’ll try some new variations up in glute bridge to begin building strength and stamina in that position. You’ll learn some new variations of our side lying series today propped up onto the elbow engaging not only the legs and hips but also your obliques. Finish with strengthening your back line (posterior chain).

This is a great workout to come back to and repeat as many times as you want, it is quick so doesn’t require much time; and the more you repeat the stronger you will get both in core strength and in stamina in these exercises which will prepare you for the next level moving forward in your practice of Pilates.

Let us know below in comments how you liked class and certainly, let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to have covered in this beginner series, how to do Pilates! Requests being taken! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

Pilates Beginner.

Goals : 

Continue practicing beginner exercises, begin to develop more core strength in those exercises and stamina. Learn to move from center out. Continue to learn to breathe effectively through each exercise, and to coordinate breath patterns. Learn how to stabilize the body while mobilizing another part, learn how to use the core in doing so. Gain more confidence and understanding in one’s own practice of Pilates. Understand how to do Pilates and continue improving one’s practice of it.

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